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What Our Clients Say

Coaching with Becky, you will feel loved and supported and safe, and at the same time, challenged to your core.


The excuses you have been holding on to will not hold up through coaching.

I feel so much more able to direct the future of my business by wrangling my thoughts to change my emotional responses and take different, more empowered actions as a leader.


My life was frustrating and not very hopeful. I just kept getting worse, having more anxiety, and I was so afraid of my body.

I was tired, so very tired.

And passive. I slept 12 hours a day, ate my dinner in bed, had 3-4 migraine days a week, struggled to move, and was not present with my family. I was withdrawn and either OVERDOING IT or Recovering.

Now life is vibrant. I am migraine and chronic pain free most days. And I am not afraid anymore. I am working towards goals. problem solving, enjoying literally an extra 4-6 hours of my day AWAKE every day.

My life is extraordinary and just keeps getting better!


I was put on different medications for my diagnosis, that created more symptoms that then had to be treated. The most medications I was on at one time was 21.

I tried seeing different doctors, my quality of life wasn't very high. Regardless of all the treatment that I was getting and I had THE best doctor in the U.S. for what I had, people flying in from all over the country to see her, there wasn't really a lot of progress over the years.

Now that I've healed in this new way my life is unrecognizable compared to what it was. When you're sick you're like numb, a muted version of yourself.  It's like picking back up to when I was 17 years old with a lot of energy and a clear brain. My confidence, my sense of independence and freedom, the gratitude that I feel every day, that zest for life that I felt growing up has returned full force, if not even MORE.   



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